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> How about providing some examples? Is there an example of a business who
> was able to spend less on software thanks to F/OSS in such a manner that
> they could afford other goods/services that they otherwise could not have?
> Most IT budgets that I have seen go *up* year after year, not down, even
> those that are using F/OSS.

The past summer, I was an intern for the software development section
run by a collection of large medical clinics.  There were a few times
where one of my bosses/coworkers would come to me and ask if I knew of
any Open-Source tools that could be used to accomplish a particular
task, because either A) they wanted to do something, but didn't have the
budget for that piece of software, B) they wanted to use a particular
piece of software, but it was too buggy, or C) they were currently using
a piece of software, but they had extremely high license fees, and they
were looking for alternatives.  I'm not an OSS whiz, but I knew enough
to help find replacements for a few things...  They may not be giving up
their windoze platform yet, but they are seeing the need to add some
more free software to the mix...

While their IT budget was going up from year to year, they also had to
do a lot more from year to year, and so they were still having to find
places to cut prices...  

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