Northface U ?

Jake Pollmann jake.pollmann at
Fri Apr 8 11:56:39 MDT 2005

> On Apr 08, 2005, at 7:54 AM, Hans Fugal wrote:
> > I interviewed with NU for a position (I would be developing software to
> > support the software the students write). I was very impressed with the
> I second Hans opinion.  I interviewed for a position with them about 1
> 1/2 - 2 years ago, but things didn't quite work out.  That being said,

If the NU program is so good, why wouldn't they just hire their own students?

Many years ago my sister (who didn't have any education beyond high
school) was hired by a local "career college" to do the sort of work
they are supposed to teach their students.  Wouldn't their own
students be a better fit?  Or are they just in it for the money?


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