lvm snapshot question

Stuart Jansen sjansen at
Fri Apr 8 10:35:24 MDT 2005

On Fri, 2005-04-08 at 10:15 -0600, Barry Roberts wrote:
> Any lvm users/experts here?  Redhat's search on the linux-lvm list is
> broken and I've asked this question on the list and got exactly 0
> responses.  So here goes.
> I want to take a snapshot of a filesystem (~300 GB), let testers make
> changes, then throw away all those changes and revert to the state of
> the original snapshot.  Basically, I want to throw away all the
> changes written to the COW, not apply them back to the original
> filesystem.
> Anybody know if that's possible, or how to do it?

Looks like there's now support for writing to snapshots. (Although it's
still apparently a little experimental.) Would it work to have your
testers use the snapshot instead of the original?

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