Free DNS and web?

Eric Jensen eric at
Fri Apr 8 10:19:52 MDT 2005

Gabriel Gunderson wrote:

>I have a friend who is going into business for himself (HVAC) and he
>wants to put up a *very* simple web page.  With such simple needs, I
>thought there would be a web hosting service that he could get for free.
>Also, he needs someone to host his DNS.  I've seen a few free ones but
>have been very unimpressed.
>Has anyone had any good experiences with free DNS and web hosting that
>they could share?  Google is overrun with links but I'm looking for some
>valuable word-of-mouth.
> has been the most wonderfull and amazing hosting company I
have ever been with (and I have tried quite a few).  They aren't free
though, their basic service is about $7 a month.  They have never been
down (that I noticed) and their support is top notch.  For DNS we are
using Zoneedit, which is free up to 5 zones.

Eric Jensen

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