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Fri Apr 8 10:03:38 MDT 2005

> > 3) Lastly, because OSS was free and still is, this huge cost saving
> > spurred a ton of new innovation and businesses.  Smart guys, like you
> > all, grabbing Linux and Apache and setting up ISPs, or websites for
> > commercial enterprises, or websites for your own commercial
> > enterprise.  Heck I have a commercial website, it cost next to nothing
> > to host, the software for it is free.  Without OSS, this would have
> > never happened.  OSS and the internet (a result of OSS mentality) has
> > reduced the cost of advertising, marketing, customer filfullment,
> > mailing (Yes email makes the post office think twice before raising
> > the cost of a stamp.), even shipping, banking, etc, etc, etc -
> > everything.
> This looks like a pretty good argument on the surface, but still lacks any
> substantive examples. Prove that email makes the post office "think twice"
> before raising the prices of stamps.
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Actually, I have heard it reported that email has actually caused the
post office to raise the price of stamps.  The volume of mail the post
office moves has dropped significantly over the last few years.  This
is somewhat becuase of fewer people writing and mailing letters, but
it has more to do with the ease and lower cost of spamming compared to
mass mailing.  The cost to run the US postal service has increased
slightly but the revenue has fallen.  To keep the govt. from loosing a
ton of money in the US postal service they have to raise the cost of


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