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I interviewed with NU for a position (I would be developing software to
support the software the students write). I was very impressed with the
people and the approach, as far as it was explained to me. Their
projects are real-world problems in the genealogy (and other history)
realm, not just toy problems. Their focus is real-world programming,
teamwork, whatnot, but with a solid background. They appeared to be
fairly balanced - corporate sponsorship (or whatever the proper term is
for throwing your name around and giving free software) from MS and IBM
IIRC and others, and a determination to expose students to all platforms
without bias. They'll teach you both open source development as it fits
in a business world and traditional MS-like development.

No idea on the cost or what it's like to be a student there. I get the
feeling that you'd do ok after graduation if you are applying at places
that have heard of NU. Many places won't have, but those that will (IBM,
Microsoft, other sponsors, and whoever their marketing arm has reached)
will see you in very good light.

On Wed,  6 Apr 2005 at 20:44 -0500, Taber Loveless wrote:
> A bit off-topic but Id like to get the lists feedback about Northface U. 
> A little Background: I am the typical self-taught utah admin / developer
> (if I dare go that far) and since leaving my last position I have been
> assessing my skills. What NU offers for cirriculum and the length of the
> program fits exactly what I am looking for, but of coure its quite
> expensive; espcially for a po-boy like me who has to finance it :P  Id
> love to get your comments  on anything about NU, like the cost,
> cirriculum, and what to expect after graduation
> Off to the races....
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