Finding a bzip2 file on a damaged hard drive

James Clawson jclawsonx at
Thu Apr 7 22:34:42 MDT 2005

Thank you for the suggestion.

I have read the manual, including the recovery section.  It deals  
with the recovery of non-corrupt blocks from a bzip2 archive with  
come corrupt blocks.  I believe that these bzip2 files are intact,  
but as I have no file table on the drive, I have to identify the  
length of each archive.  I was hoping to identify either a long which  
would identify the total number of bytes in the file, or an end of  
file marker.  I have not found either.  I am reviewing the bzip2  
source code, but have not found what I am looking for yet.


On Apr 7, 2005, at 10:29 PM, Jeff Schroeder wrote:

> James wrote:
>> However, I do not know how to identify the end
>> of each file.  Can you give me any information or suggestion on how I
>>   might find out how long each bzip2 file should be?
> A quick Google search for "bzip2 file format" yielded this  
> documentation
> page:
> There's a section called "Recovering Data from Damaged Files" but the
> link apparently isn't working.  Perhaps you could poke around the  
> net a
> bit and find the documentation mirrored somewhere?
> HTH,
> Jeff
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