Part-time job opening.

Peter plug at
Thu Apr 7 11:08:08 MDT 2005

Immediate opening for someone who can set up a Linux web server. Some work is urgent. Even someone who has only enough time to help us get over a few bumps should apply!

We have a running server on Red Hat 8 but it has problems and needs to be retired.  We figure Red Hat Fedora Linux behind a NATing firewall is the way to go but we are open to suggestions.  We are using djbdns, qmail, vsftpd, and host a number of web sites using apache httpd. We have installed some of these but can't get them working.

We are flexible on time and can work around another job and commitments. Day/eve/saturdays are okay. Location is near University Mall, Orem, or via ssh/phone.

We are looking for someone who really knows what they are doing and can get things done correctly, securely and rapidly. We are willing to pay accordingly. This has the potential to turn into a part-time as-needed CIO position in a small but growing company.

If you are interested, please email linux-jobs at Briefly describe your qualifications, availability, and the pay that would interest you.  

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