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Thu Apr 7 06:36:00 MDT 2005

On Wed,  6 Apr 2005 at 18:11 -0600, Josh Coates wrote:
> >Josh, you seem to be a BitKeeper apologist. If you don't like that
> >label, please explain to us why you're not because we want to give you
> >the benefit of the doubt.
> i'm not sure what i said to make me seem like a bitkeeper apologist. (???)
> but for the record, i'm, i don't think i am... (i'm not sure what a
> bitkeep apologist is exactly..) ;-)

Some people are so used to taking the bitkeeper side of the whole thing
that they forget all reason and come up with excuses (or valid points)
and pound their chest like apes ad nauseum. I'm glad we've cleared up
that you're not one of these. (Of course the other side isn't immune to
this syndrome either.)

I think, as is not too unusual in this medium, that you made some good
points and people keep coming back at you apparently missing the whole
point of what you said, so you keep reiterating your points, and people
think you're being a bitkeeper apologist (or at least a wet blanket ;-),
and reiterate _their_ points which are no real response to your points
(there's orthogonal again), and before you know it we have a pong
tourney on our hands. I reall have to get out more, I'm becoming a

> >The take-home lesson here is that a proprietary license for
> >a beer-free product can not be trusted like an open source license can.
> while i don't think it's the take-home lesson, i can't disagree with your
> statement - but i do stand by my previous comments on the subject, which i
> think are orthogonal to that particular view.
> er, well, mostly i just wanted to get to use the word 'orthogonal' in a
> sentence.

Great! As far as I'm concerned we're on the same page, although you are
a little extreme in your judgement of OSDL. I love the word orthogonal.
Didn't always, though. There was that one semester when I was taking
linear algebra...

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