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Wed Apr 6 20:14:12 MDT 2005

>...but as you leave we discover your ridiculous mullet.

i'm new to utah, and i'm just trying to fit in.
doh!  sorry, i couldn't resist.  ;-)

actually i usually bottom-post and trim by hand, but i leave the leftover
cruft at the end.  my MUA isn't too involved, it's an awful piece of
software and i just try to keep it out of my way.

>You have, however, missed a major factor
>in our economies strength: freedom and openness.

words like freedom and openness mean very different things to different
people, so i don't think i (or anyone else for that matter) can really parse
your statement in a fair or meaningful way, so i'm going to skip it.

>I personally consider OSS closer to capitalism and proprietary software as
closer to the
>failed, closed, controlled economies of's the truth

i think there are some parallels to the OSS/proprietary software debate and
political/economic systems, but i'm not sure you have them matched up
correctly.  you'd have to expand on your reasons to convince me that OSS is
more like capitalism and closed source is more like communism.

i mean, in a very simple way, if you just take the private property rights
argument, then closed source is much more like capitalism, and open source
is much more like socialism - though i think this view may be over

pursuing these types of parallels is tricky - you definitely have your work
cut out for you.

Josh Coates

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Josh, you amaze me. Sometimes you're a top posting, non-trimming
vagabond wandering around unshaven and burping. This time you've
carefully and thoughtfully folded three message into a single response.
Everything looks great--you've shaved recently, your shirt is tucked
in--but as you leave we discover your ridiculous mullet. Whatever your
MUA is doing to you, please make it stop!

On Wed, 2005-04-06 at 17:01 -0600, Josh Coates wrote:
> you state: "BitMover tried to force its will on a user".
> please, offer a simple justification for this statement because it to me,
> seems like a silly thing to say.

"You can write OSes, but don't even think of creating a product that
competes with ours." ... "In fact, don't even think of employing a
person who uses his evenings to create a product that works with ours."

It's the root of the whole "BSD is more Free than the GPL" argument.
Yes, yes it is. But the GPL is designed to free protect that freedom. In
order to do so it has to deny you a single freedom: the freedom to deny
others their freedom.

> i think it's more likely that you mean "US economic strength is due to
> yankee ingenuity, finding a need and filling it, improving on the status
> quo, etc." and that you equate all that with "OSS mindset".

I think you've missed the major thrust of torriem's response: that the
original label was inadequate.  You have, however, missed a major factor
in our economies strength: freedom and openness. I personally consider
OSS closer to capitalism and proprietary software as closer to the
failed, closed, controlled economies of communism. (That sentence is
sure to stoke the flames, but it's the truth.)

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