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Eric Jensen eric at
Wed Apr 6 17:37:07 MDT 2005

Josh Coates wrote:

>i think it's more likely that you mean "US economic strength is due to
>yankee ingenuity, finding a need and filling it, improving on the status
>quo, etc." and that you equate all that with "OSS mindset".
>Josh Coates
That's actually what I was saying.  Granted "OSS mindset" isn't the best
way to put it.  Our economy is strong by an insane drive to be
successfull and make lots of money.  We compete not because we see a
flaw in an existing product or service and wish to better it out of the
goodness of our hearts.  We see that weakness and jump on it to make
ourselves more money.  That is what causes industry to progress.

Eric Jensen

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