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Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Apr 4 17:04:57 MDT 2005

I totally agree with that.  We have plenty of systems that fit exactly
what you described here.  And I run plenty of software that is less
polished because of that.  And I would in this case too if I knew of a
product that offered the same service as Simp.  Unfortunately, when
there isn't even a less polished version out there you don't have much
of a choice.  It's easy to get even Window's users to download and
install Simp.  Their IM program doesn't change at all, everything is
completely transparent to them.  Not so easy to have them download and
install an entirely new IM program.

BTW, not trying to make a big fight for Simp itself, just it's service. 
I know of no open source that even comes close to offering the same
service.  I would be very happen to have my eyes opened on this if I am

Eric Jensen

Stuart Jansen wrote:

>On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 16:45 -0600, Josh Coates wrote:
>>>Sorry, I'm not sure I follow the speech analogy. :(
>>tuxgirl is just subsitituing "beer" with "pizza" in the context of the
>>popular metaphorical contrast of economic cost with political/social
>>that should clear things up for you.
>Assuming you parsed the message, Josh's answer was actually quite lucid.
>Basically: by Free I mean that users of the software control its future.
>If it's useful, they can keep it alive. If it's buggy, they can fix it.
>Users of proprietary software are slaves to the whims of the company
>that owns the product. They might be velvet chains, but they're still
>chains. I've been betrayed by even company's that appeared to "get it".
>Sure, as a result some of the software I use is less polished, but I
>like knowing I control my own future.
>(At least free [as in uninvited guests crashing your party eating your
>pizza and drinking your {root} beer] software doesn't subject you to the
>frustration of cajoling an insulting support system into helping with
>your issues. You get all the support you payed for. I really hate
>expensive proprietary software that holds its corporate customers
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