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Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Apr 4 16:53:48 MDT 2005

Josh Coates wrote:

>>Sorry, I'm not sure I follow the speech analogy. :(
>tuxgirl is just subsitituing "beer" with "pizza" in the context of the
>popular metaphorical contrast of economic cost with political/social
>that should clear things up for you.
>Josh Coates
I assumed it was something to do with the fact Simp isn't open source,
but I hate assuming because I am horrid at it.  I love open source as
much as the next guy, but going around being an IM snob and telling
people they can't talk to me unless they use *my* IM program doesn't
seem very "free" to me.  If somebody can point out a completely open
source IM encryption program that works like Simp, then I would switch
in a heart beat.  I just think offering very nice encryption for *any*
IM software out there is a pretty sweet service.  And add "free as in
beer/pizza" to the mix and it is even sweeter.

Eric Jensen

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