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Eric Jensen eric at
Mon Apr 4 16:29:44 MDT 2005

I've been using Secway Simp for some time in Windows and it is free as
long as you only use it for one protocol.  To support multiple protocols
you do have to pay for it.  Simpserver is free, but is is also
relatively new so you are right, they might want to charge at some
point.  What I like about Simp over gAim or Trillian encryption is I
don't have to go around forcing my contacts to use the same program I
do.  Especially since I like to change willy-nilly.  I dig some stuff
with Kopete, some with gAim and I like Trillian in Windows.  We all use
Simp and then pick whatever IM program we fancy.  Simp just sets up a
proxy for your connection so you point MSN, AIM, ICQ, etc to

Yah, I saw the skeleton file and if I wasn't completely exhausted today
I think it would have been worth while to go through it and figure it
out.  I do like to learn how to do things the proper way.  But I didn't
really need the full functionality those files had to offer, like
"restart" and such.  Just need it to simply run on startup.

Eric Jensen

Stuart Jansen wrote:

>First, I'd use gaim-encryption. It's Free software whereas a cursory
>examination didn't turn up any evidence that simpserver is. It'd be a
>shame if they yanked the carpet out from under you at some points.
>Second, I was going to give some pointers on creating the rc script,
>like where to find an easily modified example, but I got too bored to do
>proper research. It's really not that hard, though, and it puts hair on
>the chest.
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