Random shutdowns

Ryan Erickson ryan at ericksonfamily.com
Fri Apr 1 11:03:25 MST 2005

If the fan that was failing was 3-wire, it reports whether it's spinning
to the motherboard, and if it's not spinning, maybe that causes some
sort of ACPI message to go to the kernel, causing the shutdown.


On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 11:00 -0700, Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> Stephen Smith wrote:
> > Flash back!
> Well, I believe the problem was overheating protection kicking in.  The 
> back fan on the computer was jammed and no longer spinning (and boy was 
> that fan hot).  The fan's was connected to one of the motherboard's fan 
> power pins.  I replaced that tinny fan, and I haven't had any reboot 
> problems.
> I assume that this is just the CPU overheating protection that is listed 
> in the BIOS, but my assumption is that it would cause an immediate hard 
> power off.  Why was I getting shutdown listings in the message log?
> Weird.
> Kenneth
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