Random shutdowns

Eric Jensen eric at emstraffic.com
Fri Apr 1 09:23:49 MST 2005

Had something similar happen to me, except the computer wouldn't power 
on at all.  Swapped every part, power supplies, power/reset switches and 
cables, etc.  Then I used a different hunk of metal (a.k.a. case) and it 
seemed to work just fine.

Eric Jensen

Stephen Smith wrote:

> Flash back!
> About a year ago we had two computer do the same thing.  Both began to 
> randomly reboot.  Both were running Windows on the desktop at the 
> time.  Our first impression was bad memory so we swapped it with known 
> good memory...no good.  Ponder. We then replaced the CPUs with known 
> good CPUs...no good.  Ponder, Ponder.  Hard drive, its gotta be  the 
> hard drive.  I've seen SCSI's do this though not IDE's or ATA's. 
> Install, install...load Windows (reboot, reboot, reboot...you know the 
> drill)...Nada! Mother board, must be the mother board!  
> Replace,replace...still doing it.  Hmm, hmm.  Maybe its a bad NIC or 
> other peripheral board.  Pulled, them...didn't help.  Power supply, 
> its got to be the power supply.  Mumble, grumble (ouch!)...what the 
> heck, it still reboots!!! Hey, the only thing left is the case!  Maybe 
> the reset switch has gone crazy!  Swap, swap...no good!
> Pulled the hard drives put .em on the shelf.  Pulled the memory, put 
> it on the shelf.  Carried the carcass to the dumpster....Hey that 
> worked!!!
> It seems strange, that we could never get either of these two machines 
> to stabilize.  We've since reused the memory, the hard drives and the 
> NICs, etc. in new configurations without problems.  The only thing 
> that we could figure was some CPU-Mother board interaction was causing 
> the issue.  BTW, both machines were build from components from a local 
> supplier.  Both were purchased at the same time.  It was probably a 
> bad lot!
> Good luck!
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