Random shutdowns

Stephen Smith scsmith1451 at totacc.com
Fri Apr 1 05:55:16 MST 2005

Flash back! 

About a year ago we had two computer do the same thing.  Both began to 
randomly reboot.  Both were running Windows on the desktop at the time.  
Our first impression was bad memory so we swapped it with known good 
memory...no good.  Ponder. We then replaced the CPUs with known good 
CPUs...no good.  Ponder, Ponder.  Hard drive, its gotta be  the hard 
drive.  I've seen SCSI's do this though not IDE's or ATA's. Install, 
install...load Windows (reboot, reboot, reboot...you know the 
drill)...Nada! Mother board, must be the mother board!  
Replace,replace...still doing it.  Hmm, hmm.  Maybe its a bad NIC or 
other peripheral board.  Pulled, them...didn't help.  Power supply, its 
got to be the power supply.  Mumble, grumble (ouch!)...what the heck, it 
still reboots!!! Hey, the only thing left is the case!  Maybe the reset 
switch has gone crazy!  Swap, swap...no good!

Pulled the hard drives put .em on the shelf.  Pulled the memory, put it 
on the shelf.  Carried the carcass to the dumpster....Hey that worked!!!

It seems strange, that we could never get either of these two machines 
to stabilize.  We've since reused the memory, the hard drives and the 
NICs, etc. in new configurations without problems.  The only thing that 
we could figure was some CPU-Mother board interaction was causing the 
issue.  BTW, both machines were build from components from a local 
supplier.  Both were purchased at the same time.  It was probably a bad lot!

Good luck!

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