Month: June 2012

June Meeting: Using OpenWRT to make your router take flight (Mike Lovell)

Date: Wednesday, June 13th, 2012
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: C7 Data Centers (Lindon)

Ever looked at your router and thought that you could do so much more with it? Or tried configuring it and thought that it would be easier to use a command line than the terrible user interface the manufacturer graced it with? Many home routers have more memory and processing power than the Space Shuttle Flight Computer. Surely they can do more.OpenWRT is a Linux Distribution that allows you to get more value out of a home router and other devices. This presentation will go over some of the basics of OpenWRT such as installation, customization, and administration. In addition, a few cool ideas for how to get more out of your router or other device will be talked about. After all, a computer with a 680Mhz Processor with 8MB of flash, 64MB of ram, and multiple interfaces is a terrible thing to waste.

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