Month: May 2009

June PLUG Meeting: KVM & QEMU

Date: June 10th, 2009
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: Omniture, Inc. Back to building G this month.


This month we have David Mair and Jim Petersen giving an introduction and demonstration of KVM & QEMU. KVM provides Linux in-kernel virtualization that supports many guest platforms via the userspace QEMU program. Supported guest platforms include Linux and Windows. Using KVM/QEMU is quite a manual task so Jim and David will demonstrate and provide some insight into their operation and their own workarounds to make life with them easier.

About David:

I have been a professional programmer for 21 years on a variety of platforms: DOS; Windows; NetWare; and, more recently, Linux. I have worked as a programmer at Novell for 11 years and currently fix bugs on a variety of Linux packages. I also maintain a number of personal projects.

About Jim:

I have been in technical support for 17 years, supporting
DOS, Windows, NetWare, Linux, as well as WordPerfect Products, and Microsoft Office. I have been with Novell for 13 years. I currently provide escalation support for SUSE Linux. In spare moments I work on personal web and desktop based projects.

If you have any interest in virtualization, you do not want to miss this presentation. See you all there!

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Event: Nerds in the Sun (aka PLUG BBQ)

Clint organized this event from top to bottom, including writing the announcement! Thank you Clint.

Mark your calendars! It’s cue time!

The annual Provo Linux User Group (PLUG) Barbecue is upon us again.
This year it will be spectacular! The Utah Open Source Foundation is
excited to be a part of this event. Because of this, UTOS will
provide some soda, water and approximately 50 hamburgers.

This event is potluck so bring something everyone can enjoy. Chips,
salad, vegetables, fruit, etc., just don’t come empty handed.
Party Information

Where: Scera Park, Red Pavilion. This is on the east side of the park.

When: Saturday, June 20, 2009 – 12pm – 2pm

Why: To allow the geek’s significant others to socialize, sympathize
and find ways to cope with their geek’s habits. Or maybe it’s just to
bring the kids to the park, and free food. Either way, it’ll be fun!
Hardware Exchangev

As normal, please feel free to bring any spare computer parts to trade
or exchange. There will be people there looking for something useful
and you might just have what they need. Anything left over will be
recycled by Orem City*.

We hope to see you all there!



* – This is not recycling really. If someone would like to recycle
the left over computer parts, feel free to speak up at the BBQ.

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May PLUG Meeting: The Open Source Datacenter

Date: May 13th, 2009
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: Omniture, Inc. Building H this month.


I apologize for getting this out so late! Be sure to come. This is going to be a great presentation. Dan manages over 15,000 Linux servers. You may not have that many, but the lessons learned can help anyone who is using Linux as a server (from few to many). From Dan:

During the last 10 years of system administration I have been involved in a number of data center migrations and build-outs. As these projects came and went I began to see patterns emerge in the set of services and software required to run a successful operations infrastructure. This presentation will describe these patterns, and provide an overview of the Open Source software available to implement them.

About Dan:

Dan Hanks has been involved with Linux System administration since 1998, when he worked for EagleNet Online, a small ISP in Provo, which, in a sense, was the birthplace of PLUG. After EagleNet he worked as a systems and database administrator for Nothsky/ Online and is currently a system administrator for Omniture. He has varied interests, ranging from computers and technology to astronomy, geology, music, art, and family history research. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from BYU, and is the father of 4 adventuresome children. He (occasionally) blogs at, and tweets as @danhanks.

Food will be provided by Omniture. See you all there!

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