Month: December 2008

PLUG Services

Everyone may not be aware of the services PLUG offers its membership. PLUG does not charge any dues, it is a 100% volunteer operated (dis)organization. We collectively happen to provide the following available to all members.

Mailing Lists

This is the main way the group communicates. Mailing lists, properly filtered and sorted, are the best way to interact on technical topics. PLUG maintains two lists:

PLUG – This list is 100% unmoderated and can be high traffic. Over 500 people are subscribed. It is a singularly unique platform to discuss, with an audience of your peers, what matters to you. On topic items include: everything that is not considered offensive to members (far more than just Linux, including politics and religion from a Linux users perspective).

PLUG-Announce – This is a moderated list for meeting announcements only. Join this one if you don’t like the high-frequency of the main PLUG list.

Web Site

Features include:
Member directory with statistics.
Local company index with statistics.
Local Linux contractors.
Polls, like this one regarding meetings.

LinkedIn Group

There are over 200 participants on the PLUG LinkedIn group. We generally do not permit recruiters to join this group (you won’t get spam’d). To join, follow here.

Facebook Group

Facebook is the latest addition to our list of services. Designed to reach out to a broader audience, we hope members will find it useful. To join, follow here.


IRC is what everyone used before IM and Facbook. It is still vastly superior to both. IRC is free to use, and isn’t limited to just PLUG. The #utah channel covers open source in the entire state. There are also a number of very popular channels for all kinds of open source projects. Often times allowing you to speak directly to a developer of an application. Come talk now.


Meeting details are posted to both mailing lists and It is easier than ever to stay informed. If you would like to present, please contact Ryan.

Employment Help

The 2008 financial crisis reminded us how important being plugged-in to a network of professionals can be. You never know when you could find yourself caught in an unexpected layoff. Being an active participant in PLUG is a great way to reduce your risk. Don’t be shy about promoting yourself on the PLUG list. We permit job postings as well as seeker postings. Those who regularly participate often find new jobs within days of a “seeker” posting. The list reaches hundreds of Linux professionals and managers in our area (including a large number of recruiters).

Social & Professional Network

After most PLUG meetings we usually have a social/networking period. It is a great opportunity to get exposed to ideas that you may not normally think about. You might find your next job or business opportunity, or a solution to a challenging problem. We don’t bite – honestly. Well, harleypig bites – we keep him chained up though.


PLUG has various sponsorship opportunities available. Perhaps your business can sponsor a high-profile presenter, food for a meeting, discounts for PLUG members, or a special service. Nearly the entire membership is actively employed in various professional positions surrounding Linux/FOSS. It is a unique opportunity to gain brand recognition, and “street cred” with the FOSS community.

Volunteer Opportunities

You may not be a kernel hacker, but you can still give back to the FOSS community that has given us so much. PLUG needs help with the web site, server administration, PHP programming, mailing list management, meeting organization/presentation, employment…. the list goes on. If you’d like to give some of your time to further advance the cause of FOSS in our local community, PLUG is the perfect place to start.

There are now more ways than ever to participate. If you have an idea for a service you would like to see provided, please share it!

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December Meeting: SELinux

Date: December 10th, 2008
Time: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Location: Omniture, Inc.


Stuart Jansen, instructor, author and chief bottle washer at Guru Labs, will be presenting An Introduction to SELinux.

The traditional Unix security model is simple and beautiful. For decades
it has been good enough for most people. However, it is starting to show
its age. In the highest security settings, a more fine grained control
system is needed. In the past, this meant using expensive, complicated,
special purpose versions of Unix: trusted systems. (Trusted Solaris,
Trusted AIX, Trusted HP-UX)

SELinux, created by the NSA, is the most mature and complete response to
the need for Trusted Linux systems. Unfortunately, because of the
difficulty creating and maintaining trusted systems, their success has
been limited. This is no longer acceptable.

Today, even desktop systems and cell phones need high quality security.
Imagine being able to sandbox your Web browser and e-mail client. The
traditional Unix model makes this difficult and only partially possible.
SELinux, on the other hand, makes fine grained security available to

When it first appeared, SELinux was hard to learn and mysterious to
troubleshoot. As a result, many people fear it. However, SELinux and the
tools to manage it have come a long way. It’s time to lay fear aside.
Stuart will teach what SELinux is, why it is great, basic
troubleshooting and maintenance.

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