Month: November 2007

SC07 in Reno, NV – Super Awesome

Who likes fast systems? Who likes bleeding-edge technology? Who likes networking with people in an industry that is passionate about high-performance and high-quality? Well, me of course.

Supercomputing 2007 was the best show that I’ve been to this year. I didn’t attend any classes, but the exhibitors present, and technology previewed was first rate. The SWAG was good too. 10GbE, Infiniband, multi-node clusters, AoE, virtualization, were all over the place. Take a look at some of the photos I took. On top of all that, I got lucky and won an iPod from Intel 🙂

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AMD Tech Conference

I was in NJ this week attending an AMD/Microsoft Tech Conference. The AMD part was pretty interesting. The discussions around AMD’s rollout of L3 cache, hypertransport, and split power plane technologies were of interest to the group that attended (Barcelona & Shanghai). To me, AMD seems a little more honest in their marketing than Intel does except in one subject:

The announcement of a three-core processor. I’d just expect that they call it what it is – enough failure of the quad-core processor that they could open up a new niche, and for $20-50 less, sell the quad processor with one core disabled because it wasn’t reliable or working. But I digress.

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November PLUG Meeting: State of FOSS in Utah

Date: Wednesday Nov 14, 2007
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: Omniture, Inc.


This is an exciting month for PLUG. We have a new meeting location: Omniture. Never before has the local FOSS community been stronger. The reach of groups like PLUG is growing beyond just a few computer hobbyists. Linux is now becoming the premiere solution for countless business tasks, rather than just an alternative one. If there was any doubt, it was dispelled with the recent runaway success of the first ever Utah Open Source Conference.

In line with the new growth trends in FOSS we have invited Clint Savage, president of the Utah Open Source Foundation to offer the first “State of Utah FOSS” presentation. This exciting new foundation is helping all of the Utah FOSS groups (like PLUG) take their groups to new heights. Come participate, grab a drink, shoot some pool, and meet the new players in the Utah open source industry!

A special request to the bloggers: Please help spread the word by blogging this week about the direction you see Utah Open Source moving. What direction would you like it to go? How can we all collectively get there?

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New Sponsor: Omniture, Inc.

The Provo Linux Users Group is proud to announce Omniture, Inc. as our latest sponsor. Omniture will be providing meeting space. Omniture is in the same business park as United Online (old meeting location). Do you want to see more, including pictures? Check out the Omniture PLUG page. If you aren’t sure where Omniture is located be sure to follow the map link on that page.

A big thanks to United Online for the generous offer of meeting space over the last years. Their contribution will not be forgotten. United Online still continues to support the group.

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New Features: Company and Member Statistics

We have launced two new features for all members to enjoy:

Company Statistics – Shows real time statistics regarding our database of local companies. Don’t see your’s on the list? Add your company today!

Member Statistics – Shows real time statistics regarding our membership database. Is your profile up to date?

Please feel free to offer feedback regarding these interesting new features.

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PLUG: DoS Attack experienced a brief DoS attack Wednesday night. The source of the attack originated from Korea. It was a simple application port exhaustion attack against port 80 (http/Apache). Due to some great efforts by local #plug’ites the attacker was slowed long enough to get a block in place. We will remain vigilant.

As a side note, this delayed getting meeting details out tonight. We are still on for next Wednesday at 7:30pm. Details to follow very soon. The meeting will be a little different this time, so don’t expect to show up at the usual place.

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