Month: November 2006

Book Review: Ubuntu Hacks

Recently redbeard has posted a book review for O’Reilly’s Ubuntu Hacks.

If you’re new to Linux, I would highly recommend checking out Ubuntu Linux. If you want to really get to know Ubuntu, then you should grab a copy of this book and follow the bouncing dot. Walking through several of the hacks in the book will teach you a great many things about the Linux operating system in general. Having read this book and followed some of the examples in it, you will easily be able to switch between flavors of Linux. Even Debian Linux will seem a lot easier to you than it might have beforehand.

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Ubuntu Hacks Review

I have recently been reading a book called Ubuntu Hacks by Jonathan Oxer, Kyle Rankin & Bill Childers, published by O’Reilly and Associates. If you don’t know by now, Ubuntu is my Linux distribution of choice, but I’m not completely up to speed on getting the most out of it. It’s certainly much easier to use than Windows ever was for me, but that doesn’t mean it’s not without its faults and pitfalls. I didn’t expect to become a Grand Ubuntu Master by reading a single book, but I was hoping to pick up a few tips and tricks. As much as I love O’Reilly, I felt that if I didn’t provide a completely objective review, I would be performing a disservice to the publisher, the authors, and anyone that read my review.

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Looking For Presenters

Yes it’s that time again, The presentation queue has run dry. We are looking for people willing to present in December and beyond. If you have;

  • a topic that interests you
  • a favorite tool
  • a language to promote
  • a project to launch
  • or you just want a soapbox

then please contact me. (Jason) at Plug dot Org.

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Sharing Linux

Those of you who have seen me in recent months know that all I want for Christmas is that one front tooth. My unfortunate dental situation has led me to a friendly relationship with my periodontist, and more importantly, his staff. Faxing them a copy of the gazpacho recipe that I came up with when they had me on cold foods for two days didn’t hurt. As I pulled into the parking lot outside their office, I realized that I needed something to read in the waiting room. The staff has befriended me, but they still have too much work to do to spend all day chatting. Fortunately, I had a copy of Ubuntu Hacks sitting in my backpack, so I brought it in with me.

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November PLUG Meeting: Cardinal

Date: Wednesday Nov. 8, 2006
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: United Online

This month Kevin Tew will be presenting on Cardinal. Cardinal is Kevin’s implementation of Ruby on the Parrot Virtual Machine. Recently On Ruby interviewed Kevin. Topics that Kevin will cover include:

  • Why VM’s are cool
  • Parrot Performance
  • Writing a Language Compiler for Parrot
  • Creating Cardinal
  • Lessons learned from implementing Ruby on Parrot

The Northern Utah Perl Mongers (NUPM) will meet at the same location, at 6:30pm. The topic has yet to be announced.

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