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the very model of a modern major general.

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Local Companies

The Provo Linux Users Group is working on developing a list of companies that use or support Linux and other Free software. The company list includes information such as the value the company places on FOSS, and how they use it. We are currently accepting companies located anywhere in Salt Lake or Utah counties. Please keep in mind that a “company” could include educational institutions, non-profits, corporate divisions, or other groups.

If you are an employee, participant, or student using FOSS in an organization, please add it to the list. If you do not have an account, please register now. Once registered you can enjoy other benefits like a listing in the member directory.

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First Post!

Just trying out the new plug website.

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September PLUG Meeting: PLUG Turns 10!

Date: Wednesday Sep. 13, 2006
Time: 7:30 PM
Location: United Online

The best meeting of the year is upon us. The first PLUG meeting was held on September 11th, 1996. It has since been held on the second Wednesday of every month for 10 years running. The founders of the group first downloaded Linux and the GNU tools on to a very large stack of floppies. After getting it running they asked the question “Now what do we do with it?” PLUG was a result of that question.

“Yes, Plug is turning ten years old this month, and we have a very special meeting planned. There will be some big announcements, and two presentations. Joe [Hall] has a special show and tell item he is bringing in, and [Jason Hall (Jayce^)] will be providing the technical presentation.” – Jason Hall, PLUG President

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September UUG Meeting: Python

Andrew McNabb will be presenting on Python to the BYU-UUG.

Where: 340 Crabtree (CTB)
When: Sept. 7th, 7:30PM

Map of Campus

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